Saturday, January 02, 2010

Goood Morning!

As far as January's go, this has been a superb one so far.

I went dancing last night.  Yoga Shala held a Nia Dance Jam, free form dancing, last night and it was fun!  The music could have been turned up to 11 and the lights could have been dimmed.  I found myself closing my eyes and truly getting into the meditative space that is The Dance.  I wore the wrong clothes and was uncomfortable for the beginning of the dance--trying to pull my shirt down and my tank up.  Awkward.  Then, the facilitator played a song about 'passion' and she said, 'Now, do something you've never done before in your movement.'  Her saying that sparked me to take off my uncomfortable over shirt and just be me in the tank I had on underneath.  It was really a lot of fun dancing after I took my restrictive top off.

After dancing, fellow dancers and I went to Chi's for some delicious Eggplant Green Curry.  Then, to Raven for tea, a bit of chocolate and a glass of wine.  Downtown felt mellow last night...Not at all like a Friday night.   I'm imagining every one was staying in and taking care of self after a busy night of getting crazy.....I guess that was the neat part of my New Year's Day.  It was so beautifully mellow.  Not because I was hungover or needing extra sleep because I stayed out super late the night before.  It was calm and wonderful like any other day.  It just so happens it's the first of the year.

I really enjoyed the dancing.  I don't recall a New Year's Day where I was active---usually couchin' and chillin' are how I've spent my days past, so to start this year so differently feels really special.  A catalyst for the year ahead.

Today is busy with work and a hang out sesh with my good friend, Beth.  We're planning on watching The Business of Being Born.  Beth hasn't seen it and I simply adore this documentary.  It's available on Instant Watch if you have Netflix.

Not much else really to report--feeling excited about my day and the 'newness' of how this year has started.

OH!!! Speaking of music and blogs, I found this amazing blog!  The author does a radio show once a week on XMU Sirius and I LOVE his plays and his commentary.  I found his blog and am so enjoying reading it.  He (I say he, there might be some she's too; not sure) attaches an mp3 when talking about an artist and I've acquired loads of great new music.  Highly recommend this site!!

Yay Music!

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