Thursday, January 28, 2010

i did it!!!

This feels so very very exciting! Especially when I realized just this moment what was holding me back....
Both my previous two iPod's were given to me by past boyfriends.  I've never actually bought my own high dollar piece of music playing technology.
When I realized this, I felt the 30-year-old single woman I am stand up and cheer!  Sure, it's not the fancy 32GB touch I want, but you know what it is?
It's purple.
It's refurbished. (yay for a little environment friendly action!)
It has iTunes Genius on it, which is my favorite iTunes feature.
I researched what I wanted and this is exactly it!

I feel empowered, excited and super duper thrilled that I finally made the decision.  I can stop fretting over what the heck is holding me up, I can wait patiently for next week's exciting delivery, and I can resume studying Acid Base Imbalances.

Yay Respiratory Acidosis!


Charlsie said...

YAY!!! And hey, what's genius all about anyway? I've never messed with it.

She answers to Layla said...

Genius is like my very own personal dj!!!
If I like a song, and click the genius button (and I have an internet connection) not sure yet how it works on the ipod, but on itunes, it then makes an awesome playlist of songs like that song. It's my favorite thing. !!! :)

give it a try! it makes the playlist out of your own itunes library--which i love because a lot of my music is the same genre