Saturday, January 30, 2010

Today's Reminder

From God Calling
can be found here.

"Go back into silence to recover calm. You accomplish more by this than by all the activities of a long day."

I am retreating to calm now.  I have just had a very special morning celebrating Sweet Kira Sky turning four.  I realized as we were singing 'happy birthday' to her and watching her little hair catch on fire, no lie!, that this is the THIRD BIRTHDAY I've celebrated with this little special creature.  I've watched this special little girl since August 2007.  That's nearly two and a half years!  And to see her grow into such a remarkable human being, so funny and kind, and fearless and wonderful.  It is a most fabulous treat.  

On that note, I need to rest.  I have an overnight shift at the hospital tonight, and before that, some more time with Kira this evening.  I am very very blessed, and happy to be reminded that I accomplish more by Quiet Solace with my Higher Power than by trying to do do do do do right now.  I can be more of service when I recover my calm.  

I love you so! 

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