Monday, January 18, 2010

accidental day off

i woke this morning fatigued, so tired and in desperate need of a day off.
lo and behold, i got one.
get better vibes being sent right now to the little one with a fever.
i am so thankful to be having this day....
complete with breakfast this morning with a lovely gentleman, the laundry getting done, my last paper for SOC 120 finished and emailed off, meeting with some anonymous types for a much need hour, checking in and lovin' on a Leta friend post surgery, chowing on a very delicious veggie burger, watching some hilarious 30 Rock (your hand feels like a warm pillow !!!), and now! it's not even 530p!
i welcomed home my lovely roommate from Japan is so nice to have her home.
i am wondering if i'm going to hit the gym tonight, or pop in disc three of Mad Men. it's feeling like a Mad Men night.

i feel so super blessed to have been given this day off.  so what i needed, and wow! it just materialized in front of me.  very very lovely.


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