Thursday, January 21, 2010

First Day of School!

Views from the porch of The Light House:

Woke up to loads of snow this morning, and it's still coming down.  Today is the day of the 'big storm.'  Up to 12 inches is expected for Prescott, and Flagstaff is expecting around  THREE FEET OF SNOW. (this week!) Whoa.  So, for the first day of school, classes have been canceled.  My work this morning has been canceled and I have no idea about working from 11 - 4.  Is it still happening? No idea.  I'm supposed to start dogsitting for sweet Rosie today, too, and just not sure what's happening.  One of my dear friends is suffering a lot right now and it's hard not really knowing what to do.  I'm making lots of prayers for her safety and health.  What an interesting time!  Our little town just shuts down completely when weather hits, and I love it.  I don't love being stuck at home, and wondering what's going to happen with my schedule and my day, but you know, that's okay.  A perfect time for still prayer & journal time.  I hope wherever you are, you're blessed with quiet stillness.  It is truly magical this world in which we live.

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Charlsie said...

Thank you Layla... the quiet can be so powerful. I pray that you get answers to the unanswered and are able to feel the presence of your higher power today.