Tuesday, January 19, 2010


it clicked for me today why i haven't been super into working out: my ipod is sadly broken.
the right speaker (no matter what 3.5mm jack i use) goes in and out and sometimes no sound at all.
i went to Argosy West to see what good news they had for me.
alas, NONE.

no wonder i haven't been too keen on jumping around like a cardio lover. the music isn't there to fuel me.
ho hum.

my solutions are:
1. fix it myself (ewwwwww!)
2. send it to a third party fixer and have them fix it.
3. call apple and see what they say.
4. buy an ipod touch. (that feels like the easiest solution....and totally fuels my desire for want want want.)

once i figured out why i haven't been so gung-ho about the gym, i definitely feel better.  just sad my powerhouse music source isn't functioning at its best.
poor little guy.

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Charlsie said...

Hmm... I would probably buy another one, just because I like immediate gratification. I rely on my small little powerhouse too much and would be utterly devastated if something happened to it, too.