Wednesday, January 27, 2010

nap or study?

The semester has begun.
It's here.
I already feel behind, and I know it's just an illusion.  I'm doing fine.  The lack of exercise is creeping up in me and causing me to feel more tired than I normally feel.  I cur-fuddled an eBay auction on a 2nd Generation iPod shuffle this morning.  I don't know why I thought it would only take me three seconds to hit confirm bid.  It took longer than that so I completely missed out on what would have been a stellar find.  I felt silly.....Watching the screen tic down seconds to only goof up my final click.  Goodness.

I've let this whole iPod music situation deter me from hitting the gym.  I know I need music to pump me through cardio.  I LOVE MUSIC.  I love the feeling of running to my favorite fast paced songs.  I am so aware of it.  What's not working for me is letting this music thing keep me from taking classes at the Y or doing a dvd at home---something to move my body in a way that will sustain me and keep me healthy.

I have a little over an hour before my next work shift starts and I have these little school things I need to do.  I also have a tired body.  Do I caffeinate and suck it up? Do I cuddle up with the Sonja cat and screw my responsibilities until work? Oh the guilt and frustration of decision making.  I think I'm going to buy a new iPod today too so I can get back to the fitness I enjoy and love. My body is worth the price of a new music player.  Good grief.

Just feeling tired.
And that's okay.
I'm aware of it.
That's all.


She answers to Layla said...

i napped.
and it was glorious.

Charlsie said...

I agree!!! You are totally worth it... and I'm with you. I feel so out of place without my tunes. Luckily my gym has TVs on all the cardio equipment if something were to happen to my tunes. I just don't always do as well with my cardio watching TV. I concentrate better with the tunes. Glad you enjoyed your nap!! Have fun picking out a new ipod!!! :)

Steelers Girl said...

music is so the life force that drives my existence. i so know what you are saying about music. when i don't have mine, i like to workout outside. go for an intense hike or run around town. outside, there are other sounds. the music of the world moves me.

sometimes we need rest from exercise. sometimes our bodies need a break, even if we are not at our goals. it sounds like you know what you need to do-exercise. when you are ready again, i will see you at the gym. try to always make room for even just twenty or thirty minutes of cardio. it will help amp your studies.

you are beautiful. can't wait to see you at the gym again. you should come running with me and my doggie sometime. peace

She answers to Layla said...

Charlsie--we have TV's at our gym too...and honestly, I don't really watch TV on a daily basis so watching it while trying to motivate is lost on me. Plus, they only show CNN, ESPN, and FOXNEWS. Sometimes, I watch the ESPN with my music on because all those hot athlete bodies motivates me. The news Not very motivating.

Robyn--you're great! Thank you for such a great comment. I think you're on to something--my body needs rest. I'm not sleeping well at all. Up every couple hours, but oddly feeling well rested when I wake up....Just weird. I didn't *even think* about going outside for exercise..I'm trapped in my lack of ipod box and need to get out! I would love to run outside!!! We have such a great town for outside exercise and I need to honor my body....tomorrow. :) I set the alarm early this morning to hit the 6a spin class and since I slept so poorly I just reset the alarm for 7a. Now, making coffee and trying to not feel like a piece of crap. Oh well.

Thanks for the encouragement and love, guys. Didn't buy the ipod yet. Found this whole apple refurbished site and I want to look into a bit more.