Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Grapefruit Seed Extract is Magical.

Wanted to post some pretty magnificent photos from this past weekend's snow fall.
I was dog sitting for a sweet Rosie girl and had a blast---the yard is beautiful no matter the weather, and these photos just show how gorgeous the snow made everything in our little magic town.

A most exceptional view of Thumb Butte...
The view from my house covers the Butte with power lines.  This view is so pristine!

Did you know one of my favorite things about the winter is the hats?  I love winter hats.
And snow filled days and Thumb Butte blurred in the background.

This isn't my yard.  I wish it were.
So beautiful.
One morning, I was on the back porch getting Rosie to do her business, and I saw this movement out the corner of my left eye.  About five deer came trotting across the road.  It was such a site in the snow.  They were so silent and quiet!  One stopped and stared at me, and I waved, "hello!" and hollered a 'Thank you!"  It was a treat, for sure!

Yesterday, I woke up with a little cold.
So I brought out the arsenal of get better remedies.
I drank about seventeen cups of strongly brewed tea, with Grapefruit Seed Extract, honey & lemon.
I woke this morning feeling good.
 A little stuffy, but good, and not suffering with any bit of cold yuckiness.

Nature's Magic Cold Cure.
Just add hot water, time to rest, and a sweet puppy willing to cuddle.

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