Wednesday, January 20, 2010

ipod saga continues...

i have been given an assignment with regard to this ipod business.
write the pros and cons of a) fixing the current lovely powerhouse and b) getting the brandest newest ipod touch.

i haven't done that yet.

instead, i've spent another hour of my time looking at 8GB nano's and 2GB shuffles.

good grief.

and speaking of grief.  i think i'm seriously grieving the loss of this little musical friend.  i haven't been to the gym IN A WEEK due to this loss of music.  what is that about???  i think this blog says it all.  YIKES.

my day has been really super super.  had my psych nursing orientation today and really think this class will be great.  got a bit of organization done, and am off to staples to buy those expensive 3inch binders to get super duper organized.  i just got a facial.  an awesome little treat for myself for being a good little hard worker over winter break.  then, after staples, i'm off to my good friend beth's house to eat thai food and catch up a bit.  VERY VERY excited for some good friend time.

any advice about ipod purchasing???? is it the money i'm afraid to spend? is it smart to try an online company to fix my current broken little gem of music loveliness?  should i just get a little shuffle in the interim?  i know i definitely do NOT want to stop working out just because of some silly little ipod glitch.


well, off to finish out this day...

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