Friday, January 22, 2010

waiting....and seeing.

The snow shuts down Prescott.  I feel a little shut down, too.  Work has been canceled today and I am supposed to have a shift tonight at the hospital.  I'm just not sure what to do.  The snow is pouring down.  I am dog sitting with sweet Rosie, who loves the snow; she's having a ball rolling around, eating it, coming in covered in flakes!  I'm not at my home.  If I were at home, what would I do:

I'd probably study.  All of my study stuff is at home.  Of course.  When I was packing yesterday for this house sitting gig I didn't think to grab my study stuff because I thought I would just do it today.  Now, we're drenched with at least eight inches of snow and though I have a 4WD car I can use, part of me is a little hesitant to get out in it.

I tried to get online to watch the Acid Bace Imbalance and Fluid Electrolyte lecture, but this computer is a mac, and I am sooooo not mac proficient.  The lecture won't load.  So, I'm a little stuck.

I'm waiting...and seeing.

I'm just not sure what to do with my day!  It's almost 11a.  I'm still in pj's.  (Love that.)  I woke up at 715a to blankets of snow, a yard made of winter dreams, and a puppy eager to play outside.  This weather is just miraculous.  It's gorgeous, and a little scary and really stops life.  I'm surprised how fearful I am to get out.......And, I have a little bit of the lonely's too.  I made a lot of phone calls this morning and that helped.  It always helps to reach out when I'm lonely.  And, because of that my phone is on it's last battery bar...and guess where the charger is??? Yep. My house.  So, either way, I know I'm going to have to get out of this house at some point to head over to my place to get my phone charger, my study things, some more food, and a few more changes of clothes.

The mayor declared a State of Emergency for Prescott due to yesterday's rain.  We got near 4 inches of rain in a 12 hour period on top of all the snow we already had.  The creeks are completely raging and full.  I am sooo grateful I live on top of a hill, and the second story apartment to boot! I'm grateful the house I'm sitting in is warm, with power, and on a hill, too.  There is so much water circling around---through the arroyos, the streets are soaked, our high desert is soaking soaking soaking up so much water that the ground is drenched and power poles are becoming uprooted! 

What an interesting couple days.

I'm off to shower and get ready for the day.  I'll make my decision about getting out in this weather then.  I know I'll have to get to my house at some point, and probably better now while the weather is still wet and mushy and not frozen and icy.

Hope you're safe wherever you are....


Danielle said...

Thanks for the "being thankful" reminder, sometimes I forget to think about things like that! <3

I'm glad you're warm, and safe.


She answers to Layla said...

<3 thanks for the love, danielle!
hope you and hank are doing well....

just a note re: today's post. i did end up getting out in the weather and i'm soooo glad i had the use of a 4WD vehicle. if i hadn't, i would have been up a creek, LITERALLY.

i won't be doing my shift tonight at the hospital. i MUST err on the side of caution as we're still forecast to get another SIX INCHES OF SNOW.

i took some amazing photos of Rosie playing in the snow, and when i get home i'll post those. :)

it really is powerful weather we're having.

Beth P said...

Hey friend! Was thinking of you...hope your day turned out well. We closed the office early today and so I was home! 'Twas nice! No shift tonight - hope's it's nice and chill then.