Sunday, February 21, 2010

what kind of goals would a perfect person set?

This question was posed to me by a new person in my life.
I adore it.

It's been wonderful food for thought today...

And, oh today, what a great day you've been.

I didn't end up working last night---My gut was still screaming 'no!' after some thought and prayer, so I said no, and ended up having a very terrific night.  I had amazing kiddo time, them some great music, reading time, then! Dancing with Leta time!!!

DJ Wordthieves was spinning at Taj Mahal, the Indian Food restaurant in town, and it was so so so so fun.  And, so what I needed!  I got to see some old friends I hadn't seen in a while, and dance with some stellar body movers.  It was such a delight!  Oh, I adore dancing.

I slept in this morning, waking with weird dreams, and interesting blasts from the past from Facebook.  I took myself out for a delicious breakfast then went to the market for the week's food.  Now, Just being.  I have studying to do and after this post I am going to do some Case Studies. Nursing School is big on Case Studies.

They are actually helpful, thank goodness.

I am thinking about what kind of goals a perfect person would set, and a smile comes to my face---How hard I try to attain perfection.  How much it matters to me that I show up perfectly, when the gift of human existence is the imperfection of each person.  To truly accept someone so dearly that even if I had the option to have them change I wouldn't dare it....To accept myself that way!  To be in a state of acceptance about the good parts of me and the bad parts of me, and realize together they equal ME.  I cannot have one without the other.

My Yogi Tea quote, and man, this tea is amazing!, for today was this:

It's not a privilege to know others.  Know yourself.  That's a privilege.   
I love it!  To know myself so truly, to realize perfection is this illusion I hung to for so long to feign safety.  To let go and accept the all of me.  What a gift.

Hope your Sunday is perfect. 

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