Thursday, February 18, 2010

second degree heart block, type two.

The thing about Mobitz Type II Heart Block is this:
I know what it is.  The P waves have inconsistent QRS complexes with them.  It's a regular rhythm and  unpredictable, hence the danger.  At least with Type I there is a gradual elongating of the PR interval and it's telling you to 'watch out! we're gonna drop a QRS!!'  It's not the case with Type II. It's insidious.
It looks like this:
See those P waves?
There's no QRS complexes with the alternating ones.  That makes sense to me.  

The ECG strip on the exam I took four and a half hours ago gave a really silly example of Second Degree Mobitz II Heart Block.  It did not look like that.  And. I got it wrong.  

Oh well.  
Other than that silly mistake I feel I did pretty well.  The exam was hard, but I slowed down enough to really tap into what I know.  I studied well.  And, we'll find out Tuesday or Wednesday how well.  

Now, we're on to Urinary and Renal Function and Critical Care of the Renal Impaired Client along with the male client experiencing reproductive health issues:  here comes Benign Prostate Hypertrophy!.  (My favorite. hehehe, not the male client, though, that can be argued.  I love the kidneys.  I love the chemistry behind electrolytes in the body, how the kidneys handle all our waste....I am a sucker for reabsorption, filtration & excretion!)  

I took myself out to dinner tonight and am loving Michael Chabon's The Mysteries of Pittsburgh.  It's brilliant, and perfect for this girl transitioning out of college mode, at least for the now.  I had a lovely glass of chardonnay and falafel from Raven Cafe tonight, and the jazz was loud but good.  I was told tonight by the cute bartender that I'm very 'pleasant.'  It was glorious to be complimented.  

I also have this weird plastic flap thingy hanging from the bottom of my car. So that's what that sound has been this whole time...  Duh.  I called my Terry Dad and he is so great.  He gave me some instruction on what to do with this teeny little predicament and then he said those magic parental words that are like a string to my spine:  they just pull me right up!  "I'm proud of you and all you do, Layla."

Oh man.  

I think it's just a-o-k I didn't get right the freaking Mobitz Type II rhythm strip.  I can handle a little imperfection right now.  

Off to eat a delicious chocolate chip cookie and read some more of the world Michael Chabon has created.  


Charlsie said...

I love reading "you!" I bet you did great on your test!!! The way I remember Type II is that every QRS has a P, but not every P has a QRS. And the intervals are consistent, not progressive. And the P's will march out. :) You're doing great!!! Have a great weekend!!! Much love.

She answers to Layla said...

AWESOME, Charlsie!
Thanks for the tip....I don't think I'll forget it now..
You know that feeling when you get something wrong, you never forget it ever again---it is always forever in your brain as right. :)

Thanks for the positive affirmations!