Monday, February 08, 2010

npr is my pop culture grocery aisle mag

i'm grateful for today.
i got so much done after waking with a crummy tummy.  i got my nursing education porfolio mostly done (thank goodness just rough drafts are due tomorrow.)  i got all my silly on-campus psych nursing assignments done and feel i have a much better grasp on bipolar disorder, dysthymia and major depressive disorder.  i got in the car after a couple hours at school doing work with snow coming down and heard this review of Dessa, a Minneapolis rapper's new album.  i love music and this artist sounds great--so far, i'm excited to get her new album. 

you know, the more flexible i am with myself, the easier my days go.  i feel very very blessed for this realization, and super grateful for the god-given ability to achieve and succeed.

hope your day is warm.  i have a chill in my bones that only a Hugo's Lombris burrito can satiate.
happy burritoing!

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