Saturday, February 06, 2010

Beaujolais Nouveau

it's one of those lovely, lovely quiet nights. 
i made a macro-platter for dinner, ohmygoodness delicious.  my workday was short and fast today--only about five hours with Sweet Hannah as she gallivanted with her girlfriends at a six-year-old birthday party and i drove 85 miles from here to there to everywhere...

tonight is lovely.  i have Sirius XMU playing and the dinner i'm eating is delicious.  i adore XMU.  and i adore tofu, veggies, beans, rice and sriracha. i have my first psych nursing exam tuesday night at 5p and some videos and online assignments to do to prep----i think i'm going to consciously procrastinate those things until tomorrow and relish in a night of lovely relaxation.

yesterday was insanely enjoyable.  i made some delicious tofu, broccoli, chili noodles and watched Whip It

i really liked the movie! it was fun fun fun! i think Kirstin Wiig is a gem and i enjoy everything she's in.  Ellen Page is a doll, and the movie was all parts what i needed last night after two straight intern shifts.  holy tired! i slept like a rock last night.  hard!  and fabulously well rested upon waking which was even more awesome. 

i had a great conversation with someone super special to me about my loneliness the past few weeks and it was suggested that perhaps my loneliness was a little self-pity making a run on me.  AHA! that resonated so well with me and a few days after that conversation i feel much more aware about what i truly need and what i'm actually getting.  there isn't much difference in the two.  i have amazing friends i can reach out to at any time.  i am not alone.  i get to enjoy this time without an intimate male relationship because it is truly a great gift! i get to be fully accountable for myself!  what a gift!!

i'm feeling a lot better and enjoying the quiet, the chance to be in relationship with myself, and the gentle acknowledgment that possibly i was wallowing a little bit earlier.  eh. whatcha gonna do?  i am indeed and thankfully not perfect. 

can i tell you again how delicious this dinner is??? and how much i love XMU??? rocking to some Modest Mouse right now. love those boys. 

hope your weekend is going super duper.  i work for some darling Love girls tomorrow for a good chunk of the afternoon/evening.  there's some football game on that dad wants to go to a party for....hmmmm....i think i'll look at that as some excellent post-bedtime study time.  gosh, i love my job.


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