Tuesday, February 23, 2010

uh oh.

I just got a new book from the library.

And, I'm so excited about it.....I'm excited to read about new theories in parenting.  Someone asked me today, 'Why are you checking out books on parenting?' I felt so empowered to realize how important and pivotal parenting is.  (Thank you, Kate, for the recommendation.  I read the table of contents and got excited!!)

I'm not a parent yet.  I hope to be sometime in the next ten years.  That would be really great...

The cool part about the life God has given me to lead right now is I get to interact with so many wonderful, inspirational, fun, joyful, intelligent, light-giving children.  In a way, the more I can learn about being the best force in these children's lives, in addition to their already awesome parents, is going to benefit us all.  Hence, the book about parenting philosophies.  And my interest in Mothering Magazine.  And my love of seeing infants born while interning at our hospital.

When I was six, I wanted to be a paleontologist.  I loved dinosaurs so much.  Then, I found out paleontology was more about research and less about actually getting to dig up dinosaurs.  So, a few years letter I discovered I wanted to be an obstetrician.  I wanted to see babies born. I wanted to facilitate this occurrence and be around pregnant women.  I wanted to learn as much as possible about pregnancy, fertilization, conception, healthy infants.  The lot.  I was probably 10 when I realized this.  I think this is an example of God working in my life---giving me huge interest in something that has stayed with me for so long.

I've been given a gift and I'm so grateful for it.

The uh oh for the title of this post comes with the fact I have two exams next week and a paper due.  New library books are not so conducive to studying, I've found.

Happy sleeps...

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