Thursday, February 04, 2010

keepin' it simple.

I want to quote my dear friend Emily from a sweet email recently:
Oh, I bet it's hard to work the night shift but I truly believe that when we're faced with a challenge like that and there's a finite cap on how long we have to do it, it always turns out that the allotted amount of time is exactly how long we can stand it without going insane. :)  I'm so glad you're getting hands on experience in your field and can't believe you're getting so close to reaching your goal!  Are you making sure to get some Layla time, too?  Might be too cold for hiking, but make sure you're staying healthy with wholesome food and good conversation.
These words have sustained me the past week, reminding me I'm given just enough strength to get on my knees and seek God's help through this difficult and challenging semester.  I love her eloquence:  that when I'm faced with a challenge that has a finite cap, it always turns out we're given exactly that amount of time to do the challenge without going insane.  I believe I can do this internship without going insane.

Last night was my first 12-hour shift, and it was challenging.  Given especially the hard work laboring with mom's is, and the long hours, I am blown away by my fatigue.  The sleep training, worked, though, and I didn't get tired until around 0530.  I was part of a team that took care of four newborn arrivals last night, I bathed two darling little newborns, I witnessed my first birth of a female (so far the birth's I've been at have all been little boys!) and I felt participatory and proud of the care I gave.  My sleep today was choppy.  Again.  I have started taking a natural sleep remedy when it comes time for me to sleep during the day so I can get good rest, and I'm finding that helps with the depth of my sleep, which is where my problem has been.  I feel the past two days I've been sleeping harder, which I believe contributes to more restful rest.

I also took my first exam in my last Nursing Theory class tonight, and I'll keep you posted the results of my effort.  Honestly, I know I did well. (Thank you, God!)  I understand the material and feel confident about my test taking skills (hahah---I almost wrote 'kills.'  Yes, I kill at taking exams.)  :)  And, after class a few fellow students and I went to Thai House for a most delicious meal.  I stopped on over at Raven for a latte and now, I'm having some downtime before I head back to the hospital for a 2300 - 0700 shift.

I am tired.  I don't think I got enough rest to allow me to work another shift, but I'm trusting in God's power tonight.  I have to.  I feel my head having that ucky aura feeling I get sometimes pre-migraine, so I'm just hoping I can do all in my power to stay alert, well fed, and hydrated.  Also, I am off all day tomorrow, so I'm devoting the day to rest.  Not even cracking a book tomorrow.  I might watch some videos for class, but other than that, I'm resting.  And that feels like very good dedication to taking care of Layla.

I also want to share about a little treat I purchased for my darling friend Becky and me to participate in!
I am so freaking excited.  By April 13, I'll be done with my coursework and working hard at interviewing for nursing jobs and passing NCLEX.  Thrilling, then, that I'll get to see one of my favorite band's right now, Vampire Weekend.  Oh, I just think they're the most charming lot!  

It sure is lovely to have a light at the end of this hardworking tunnel.  

Good Evening!!

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