Sunday, February 21, 2010


I am giving myself a huge high five right now...
I totally ran today without my iPod.
This is a huge achievement!
And I need to shout out my success!!!

As you know, I've had this little music thing about working out...Like seriously addicted dependent.  My iPod speaker jack took the dives so I didn't work out for two weeks until I figured out to oh, buy a new iPod. I've been loving the new iPod.  It's glorious....

I have an awesome 3.5mm Jack in my car so I can listen to iPod jams while driving---which is super and the new Vampire Weekend album is just about the coolest.  Give it a listen.  SERIOUSLY...So, the juice on the cute little purple iPod has been drained a little more frequently than just using it for running....

Today, I hit the treadmill----another super cardio has increased.  Instead of doing the elliptical for 20 minutes and the treadmill for 20 minutes, I started this week JUST DOING THE TREADMILL.  That's right, folks...Running straight for 40 minutes...Or, rather, I run about 5 - 7 minutes, walk for 30 - 60 seconds, than run again.  (Except for Monday when I ran for 29 minutes straight...that was a first for me...)

I got on the treadmill, and my battery bar was invisible.  Not a good sign for this music addicted cardio lover. But, I put the ear buds in, hit start and away I went.  And, I ran solid for 9 minutes, then cranked up the elevation to 15 (no idea the units of measurement here.  I know it's high. :) walked/ran up the massive hill, came back down and zoinks!  The iPod died.

But my body wasn't done running.  So I took the buds out, and I ran.  I straight up ran without music....The sound of my breath kept me in rhythm. OHMYGOODNESS, IMAGINE THAT!   It felt so amazing!!  I ended up running for 16 minutes, doing up hills for 3 minutes, doing sideways runs for 2 minutes, and walking at 3.5 to 4 mph for 6 minutes.  I did a 3 minute cool down at 2.5.  It was a great cardio sesh!  I was so super thrilled with my breakthrough I went ahead and did 150 abs..

That's me.



Charlsie said...

WOOOHOOO!!! You go sista! I'm so proud of you!!! That is great! Not just the running, but the ability to do so without your jams! Keep it up!!!

She answers to Layla said...

thank you, Charlsie!!
Aren't we little fitness champions?!!?
I <3 IT!