Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Snow Show.

This morning around 930 the flakes were so huge and the sky was so dark---it was snowing beautifully! 
Of course I got my camera out and enjoyed the amazing weather. It snowed for about thirty minutes and the magic I should have shown was an hour later the sun came out, and all the snow was gone.  

Arizona's Magical. 

I also want to share I rocked my first exams in Nursing Theory IV and Psych Nursing. God is hugely providing grades of grandiose proportions.  I am humbled and amazed.  Also, tonight I was supposed to work a shift but the RN I work with is out sick, and I decided to take tonight off to take care of self.  That means no intern shifts this week, which will be a lovely blessing.

Nanny work is going super well.  I had lots of awesome kiddos today and felt on point: lots of laughing, giggling, and fun fun fun conversation.  I am so lucky to have the job I do!!

I woke this morning late after making myself stay in bed--goal in mind to be awake and rested for tonight's shift. I was talking with my roommate about my schedule the next few days and laughed, "We'll see what happens. Things always seem to change!"  I find this lovely view of flexible living so vital and essential right now.  I'm able to live with a flexible outlook, and it's really helping me to be more present with the task at hand.

Tomorrow's mellow:  all I have scheduled now that I don't have to sleep is study time, which will be wonderful.  I have class at 5p and that's it!  Friday's mellow, too.  I have a lot of mellow coming up and I'm very much looking forward to focusing on journaling, meditating and exercising.  The past few weeks those things have taken a backseat to studying and interning.

I feel this little breather of time will be a nice aaahhhhhhhhhh to get refocused.

Have a lovely night, y'all.

By the way, what is up with Google Buzz?!?!?!
yikes! :)

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