Saturday, February 20, 2010

saying yes (update).

I just a very fun three hours--playing with a very active, very fun little boy.
Sometimes saying yes when saying no would have been better turns out to be alright.
Maybe there are no mistakes in this world, after all.

That was my lesson for today.

Now, off to the Y for a run.  (It's snowy/rainy today and an outside run doesn't sound very fun.)  I need to think about going in for tonight's shift.  I haven't yet heard back from my instructor if I can go in mid-shift, which is what I would be doing tonight, and my gut is screaming, 'don't do it.'  That I need to take care of myself and focus on my studies tomorrow, instead of taking the time to sleep.  If our bodies didn't need sleep, MAN! I'd be invincible!

So, I need to do some praying and meditating about what to do tonight.  I am reminded today that when I put the focus on God, my relationship with God and seeking God's will for my life, things are right-sized, not so scary, and actually manageable.  

Showing up with enthusiasm and allowing the day to be enjoyable really helps, too.

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