Monday, February 15, 2010

35 inches of mermaid hair.

I slept so hard and dreamed of all kinds of crazy things.  I wanted to be on campus by 0800 to complete the EKG Rhythm Review project we have to complete by Thursday but my bed was so comfy and my sleep so delicious I decided to move that time to 0900.  

I made it, tho'!  And completed the EKG review.  I'm all up to speed on Premature Ventricular Complexes and Premature Junctional Complexes and Atrial Flutter and Idioventricular Rhythms and God Forbid Ventricular Fibrillation.  I hope I do well on Thursday's exam...There is a lot of studying still in need of doing.  

I took a break between Rhythm Interpreting to hit up a fantastic meeting and go for a run.  I realized a couple things while running: 

1.  Why the heck wasn't I outside running today?  Dear Goodness, it was a gorgeous day! Next time I run in the afternoon, I'm going to do the was the kind of almost spring day where the buds on the branches seem to be calling to me in a fashion that scream It's Spring, And We're Here, and Aren't We Darling??? It was a lay in the grass and let the sun seep into my bones kind of afternoon.  

2.  The Olympics is Awesome to Run to.  The center TV at the Y had the Snowboard something or other on and it was inspiring!!

3.  I ran for 29 out of 45 minutes.  This is the most I've ever run in a continuous period.  Serious high fiving going on. Seriously.  AND, at a speed of 5.5mph. the FASTEST I've ever run for a continuous amount of time.  I know.  I'm awesome. 

4.  When Dashboard by Modest Mouse and I Feel It All by Feist come on to the iPod and I'm running I find it very very very very hard to not yelp with excitement and sing along.  No matter what old man is walking next to me. This is true for Don't Stop Believin' by Journey and I Gotta Feeling by Black Eyed Peas.  I really just can't help it.  I try. Actually, I don't. Whatever.  It's my run.  I can be that annoying girl singing the wrong words out loud to the song.  It helps me get the run done!  

I was feeling so fit and thin, especially after a very exciting scale number last week that I decided to do my measurements.  I've lost 2.5" since the last time I measured, which was end of December.  Especially I was excited about my waist measurement: 

I think the last time my waist was a lovely 35" I was in my early twenties and didn't care about things like a waist measurement number.  Good ol' Dr. Oz says women's waists need to be between 32.5 and 35 inches to have optimal heart health, and I am there!  I am so thrilled with this measurement!!!  It is just very very exciting.  Only two and half more inches to go before I can be confident with my heart health....... :) What a goal!  :)

While I had the camera out, and my clothes on, I also documented another great accomplishment: 
Almost There Mermaid Hair!
I have mermaid hair with, ahem, a bra on.  I know...How audacious of me to say!  But, gravity and the weight of these puppies doesn't exactly allow my hair to fully cover them.  But, I'm almost there!  I bet by this time next year (seeing as how my hair grew six inches this past year) I will most assuredly be there.  The goal with this long hair?  To never have to wear a shirt again.  

Oh Daryl Hanna.  You will be so proud!
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Hope you all are having a Monday worth blogging about.  
I did. 


Charlsie said...

OMG! Layla... that's so great about your running! Congrats... what an accomplishment girl! :) And 35 inches... WOOOHOOO!!!!! I can't wait for the day that I see 35 inches around my waist!!! I am like you... I want to be in the safe range of heart health and everything. I want my BMI to be in the "normal weight" range, even if the BMI is a crappy tool. It doesn't account for my shapely lean muscle! I'm so proud of you!!!

And again, we are totally alike about singing and whatnot on the machines. I feel the EXACT same way. It is MY workout... I will do whatever is necessary for me to succeed. If that means occasionally throwing my arms in the air and waving them from here to there... so be it. haha.

Much love! -C

Charlsie said...

Oh yeah... and the mermaid hair... hilarity. :)