Thursday, September 09, 2010

thoughtmusic. (v.2)

I was listening to a cd mix from last year and this song came on:

I was singing along loudly and thinking what an AMAZING break-up song this is.  (This video is pretty spectacular as well!) While singing along I was thinking of other super awesome break-up songs--not to be sad or invoke any thoughts (regarding my recent break-up) because, really, that's not what this post is about--more just an appreciate for really super music!

This song is Gloria Gaynor at her finest but when performed by Cake--It just invokes serious survival skills.

I adore Jenny Lewis--in whatever form she takes: solo artist, lead of Rilo Kiley, love interest to Fred Savage in The Wizard!.  Seriously, she's a gem.  Especially when singing this song:

Now, for a gem of sad goodness.  This song breaks my heart every time I hear it because I can hear the emotion, I can feel the emotion Tori Amos puts into it....I have felt this heartbreak.

And, the grand finally of Break-Up gems---at least now, when I think of all the joy that can come from a break-up---it's dancing like this, with the sentiment of knowing the dude is missing out. Totally. Missing. Out.

What are your favorite break-up songs?

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