Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Reminder from God (v.2)

Today's Reminder from God is awesome given last night's events.
I'm tired, and wow-ed!  And, yet, totally calm, too.
That feels lovely.
Nothing is by chance. No detail is forgotten in My Plans for you. 
I don't know that I'll disclose much but just wanted to put out there the beauty that nothing is by chance. 

On a blog note:  when I view this blog, the header is no longer clear and crisp; it's blurry.  Is it blurry for you, too?
Thanks for the input, and Have a super Wednesday!
No Detail is Forgotten...


Charlsie said...

Hey hon... it's a little blurry for me too, but this is a POS old work computer, so that might have something to do with it.

She answers to Layla said...

thanks for the input, Charlsie!! i think i need to reformat my is broken! grrrr.... :) hope you're doing well!! <3