Sunday, September 05, 2010


Merriam-Webster defines serendipity as  : the faculty or phenomenon of finding valuable or agreeable things not sought for; also : an instance of this.  When I first read the definition I was a bit confused--especially as I've been saying, wow! This is all very serendipitous what has been happening lately.  Well, as Merriam-Webster defines the word, what has been happening hasn't been serendipitous at all, as I am SEEKING after the things that are happening.  

I wrote about receiving my authorization code, and I was so so so excited.  Almost too excited.  I had a difficult time being present Thursday afternoon, and finally found that September 23 was available and would be a great day to test.  Yet, I couldn't click confirm, so I slept on my decision. 

Friday morning, I woke, coffeed, showered, and clicked confirm for testing September 23 in Mesa, Arizona.  

Feels so great. 

I sent out a text to my support crew letting all know I confirmed my date, and this adventure of Registered Nurse is becoming more real as the day approaches.  Five minutes after I sent out the text, and confirmed my test date I got a call from a job I had applied to six days earlier.  

Mind you, I've applied for nine jobs so far since being back in Prescott.  I've not heard from any of them.  I am a blessed individual and have been able to continue doing childcare and nanny work for the past four weeks.  I am so blessed---I still have money in savings, I'm able to afford my life, and I'm in awe at the way God provides for me!!  

I want to stay in Prescott, and I would love to find a nursing job here and continue growing and flourishing in this amazing community of family here.  So, while working in the meantime as a nanny, I've been applying for nursing jobs as they come available.  

So, my surprise to get a call from a job I had applied to a week earlier!! And, get this:  the question she asked was, "Have you set your test date yet?"  Now, Merriam-Webster tells me serendipity is more of an accidental find and not a purposeful seeking.  I purposefully sought this job and this kind woman purposefully called me to inquire after my test date and my license.  Am I making more of a simple phone call and its timing?  Perhaps.  I just find it completely amazing I set my test date and five minutes later I'm called about an employment opportunity and my test date.  

I turned in my resume, cover letter, application and letters of recommendation (I went in with my artillery!) on Friday to another company and met with the Human Resources fella and had an awesome conversation about my inexperience in nursing, and my excitement at getting experience.  

Nursing is a phenomenal field, and it's quite specific.  My education the past two years has been broad and varied.  I've done clinical work in long-term care facilities, ICU's, Emergency Departments, surgery centers, labor halls, postpartum wings, medical units, post-surgery units, cardiovascular units, endoscopy units, and psychiatric units.  I have not had the opportunity to specialize except for my internship January through April.  My experience was perfect, too, because it was there I realized I don't know if I'm ready to begin my dream of midwifery just yet.  I think I want to experience life as an RN doing all types of nursing.  I want to do it all. (This is not surprising to me).  

So, applying for jobs means I have to WOW! my future employers with my go-get-em attitude and ability to apply the broad knowledge of nursing school into a specific field.  I have to explain the dilemma of the Catch-22: Hire me even though I don't have the experience you're after.  Train me so I will have the experience you're after.  Please.  You will not regret it because I'm eager, excited and willing to learn!  I am ready to begin this amazing career!  

I have an interview Tuesday with a 16-bed hospital in the area and I'm so excited about the opportunity.  Is it what I thought I would be applying for?  Is it what I sought after?  No!  It is a surprise, it is serendipitous, and I'm so excited!!  

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