Monday, September 06, 2010

flexibility and being enough.

I woke this morning with the intent of a yoga sesh and a trip to the market for fixin's for a breakfast guest.  I didn't get to sleep until latelate for me, 1230a!, and was very tired when the 7a alarm went off.  I showered, listened to this song loudly! and got ready--Wandered through the market with a fuzzy head realizing I usually don't leave with the house without breakfast or coffee, and I needed to get home ASAP to get some food in my body!!

The AC repair man was due to arrive at 0900 to cool my home (just in time as today is not near as hot as the weekend had been, but at least now we're up and running for whatever heat September has left to offer).  I wasn't sure the exact arrival of my breakfast guest, but I got juice, toast and coffee in me and went to check my email--- guest said he wasn't going to make it.  Hmm...Okay!  I was so thrilled I took care of myself and didn't wait for his arrival to feed my body.  I was a little disappointed and then, took a breath, and thought, this is okay!  I can be flexible!

I put on Youth in Revolt and had a grand time!! This film is FUN!  Very well written, with lots of laugh out loud moments, and darling Michael Cera sure is cute.
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Sweet movie, good laughs, and a reminder that being me is being enough.  

Happy Labor Day!

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Beth P said...

I hope it was a happy day!!