Saturday, September 18, 2010

Reminder from God (v.3)

Today's Reminder is hitting me up the head.  I am in a bit of a funk...not even really sure what I'm feeling but feeling nonetheless *shudder*.  Trying to keep my head up.  Taking care of my body by eating delicious food, but lacking the motivation to study. (That's probably where my funk is coming from.)  I wish my mind would quiet.  It's really quite busy today, and uggg....The adage 'Never go into your mind alone' is very applicable today.  Trying to remember to bring my Higher Power into my thoughts....Trying..

Here's the reminder from God today---appropriate, no?
If you only sat still and longed for Me, you would be so unruffled, so calm, so bold. Refuse to be downcast. Love and laugh. I am with you.

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