Thursday, September 02, 2010

things i love.

Happy September Everyone!
I'm overcome with love this morning---

I love

  1. coffee
  2. serendipity
  3. green leaves 
  4. Morning Edition on npr
  5. Sonja
  6. a freshly made bed with clean sheets
  7. successful list making (it's successful when things get crossed off!)
  8. blogs
  9. children
  10. iTunes Genius
  11. Gorilla vs Bear
  12. XMU on Sirius Radio
  13. being part of a community
  14. being a good friend
  15. having good friends
  16. having enough
  17. loving God
  18. not knowing how to answer the question, "Layla, where do you go to church?"
  19. physical activity
  20. not stressing out if I don't get to work out today.  well, not totally stressing out
  21. applying for jobs
  22. envisioning my future
  23. feeling a deep and sweet love for myself
  24. learning all about cancer so my knowledge can be power. 
  25. turning over cancer to God
  26. trying not to hate cancer, even though sometimes I really do, and really, cancer is just cells gone a little wayward.  I can appreciate waywardness---I just don't appreciate waywardness in the lives of women I love. 
  27. dancing
  28. yoga
  29. Switzerland
  30. Hawai'i
  31. my mom
  32. Prescott, Arizona
What do you love?  

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