Sunday, September 19, 2010


Today has begun with Things I Love.
  1. waking to the sun
  2. watching the sun rise
  3. coffee
  4. another coffee
  5. happy babies
  6. toast with earth balance, peanut butter, raspberry jam and ground flax
  7. lots of glasses of water
  8. being healthy 
  9. taking my vitamins
  10. prayers
  11. reliving dreams in my mind while little bodies eat cereal and make funny faces at me across the table
  12. being well rested
  13. little plans and designs
  14. turning 'them' over
  15. trusting NCLEX will be just what it needs to be
  16. wishing i could have a morning with my mom 
  17. thinking about half-marathon runners
  18. curious what i need to do to get the scale to go below 167.4
  19. contemplating another coffee but knowing that would probably be a bad idea
  20. looking over and seeing a brown-eyed sweet four year old roll her banana in her hands like it's a play-doh snake
  21. wishing my hair would curl at the ends like the sweet almost-three year old sitting next to me
  22. contemplating bangs and a bob
  23. gratitude
  24. faith
  25. sunshine
Happy Sunday.

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