Friday, March 19, 2010

Yay Mama!!!

Today is my sweet Ma's 52nd Birthday.  
I love you, Mom. 
Blasts from the past to honor your special day....

I believe this was taken sometime in 1982?  At the Grand Canyon

Mom in Hawai'i.  I think this was 1985?? Not sure, tho'.  I love the different backgrounds but similar poses of these two photos....

Me and My Mama, July 2006.  

We're Captains of our Own Boat.  
March 2009

And, a Hawaiian rainbow to finish it off.

I  love you Mom.  
You have inspired me so much this past year with your dedication, faith and trust. 
Thank you for our evolving and powerfully divine relationship. 
I appreciate you in my life so much, and I'm so very very grateful. 

Happy Birthday!

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