Thursday, March 11, 2010

the Mad Hatter fed me cheesecake.

Oh yesterday! What a terrific day!!

I started my psych clinical rotations at a women's treatment/rehabilitation facility and it rocked my world.  I have such reverence for recovery and to be on the other side of women in recovery---ohmygoodness! It is such an honor!  I feel grateful and excited about the 36 hours I get to have with the women at this house.  I also know I will be ridiculously challenged with what I'm learning and the candid opening these women are asked to exhibit.  It is yet another example of something I get to do during nursing school that completely changes me--I am so lucky to have this educational experience.  So lucky.  

Last night I worked with sweet Juliana and Dante.  They were tired....There were some tears and a little 4-year-old body not wanting to listen to my direction.  Comes with the territory.  Juliana and I have this little bond where we sing a lot, just sing the things we're saying to each other, and it cracks me up.  She is a special girl, and I enjoy working for this family.  (We also were talking in 'robot' but then I started thinking in 'robot' so I had to ask her to please stop.  "Why. Do. We. Have. To. Stop. Talk-Ing. In. Ro-Bot?")  Mom of these kids is so considerate.  She prepares dinner for the kiddos before I get there, she's a phenomenal cook, and always makes sure it's vegan.  So thoughtful.  

I worked until about 2015, and was chatting with Mom about life changes, Nate, Nate, Nate, and having a giggle...She walked me to the door, and we opened it to three inches of snow!  It was so still!  Pouring snow---So much snow was coming out of the sky, and holy cow! It was so silent and beautiful.  I have a little Honda Civic in need of new tires, and I was nervous driving home.  Mom was so sweet---do you want to take my car? Do you want to stay the night??  No, No. I'll head home.  I can make it.  

I pushed all the snow off my car and climbed in.  The house I was working in is north of town, without street lights, and I will say:  My drive home was the scariest drive I've ever done!  Ohmygoodness!!  I couldn't see but three feet in front of me, the snow was coming down so hard, I could only stay in first gear, and I swear, I don't know how I got anywhere; my speedometer did not go over zero.  I was crouched over my steering wheel, praying over and over again.  "God, be my eyes. God, keep me safe.  God, I praise you for this experience and ask for you guidance and strength.  Oh God, I can't see. Oh, God, Please help. Keep me safe.  You're in charge, God; I trust you."  It was intense, and lovely.  

Each time I couldn't see a car would crest over the hill ahead and its lights would shine my way.  

When the street lights started, another car was ahead of me and I am so grateful; I was able to drive in its wake.  I ran two stop signs, knowing with the hills in my darling town I wouldn't be able to get going if I were to stop.  

My home is on a hill, and I knew I'd need the momentum of the incline to keep accelerating toward my garage.  Wouldn't you know it?  There was a pedestrian, strolling along in this blizzard snow.  He was covered in snow! And he was STROLLING!  This dark mass slowly walking on my sidewalk, in front of my home!  REALLY????  The craziest weather, I'm not sure I can get traction enough to keep driving, and I have to pause for a pedestrian.  I totally was laughing.  God is so funny.  And, an amazing protector.  

I made it to my garage.  And, when I climbed out laughed again;  my car was covered in four inches of snow. I shrugged.  Oh well.  It'll just melt off into the garage.  That's what snow's supposed to do, right??

Such an adventure!

I woke this morning at 0615, to realize I didn't need to get up so early, and fell back asleep.  I dreamed Ryan Gosling was the mad hatter, I was blonde, with Shirley Temple ringlets and a red headband, and he was feeding me cheesecake.  I don't like cheesecake. (chocolate > any other dessert, ever.  It's a proven mathematic equation.)  I remember thinking, "I have to pretend to like this so the Mad Hatter doesn't get Mad."  Awwww, Sweet Layla as Alice, people pleasing even in her dreams.  

I was supposed to meet my Grandpa today for breakfast but due to the weather we decided to cancel.  I'm a little bummed; I haven't seen my Granddad for years.  Gosh, since Nov 2006?? Whoa.  I told him about my upcoming graduation, though, and he 'has it on the calendar' so hopefully I'll get a Grandpa Love on May 15.  

School's on a two-hour delay.  My class tonight doesn't start until 1700 so I don't think this will affect me.  I have some appointments on campus at 1400 and the sky is blue, blue, blue--gorgeous Prescott, Arizona blue.  The roads haven't been plowed yet, and I'm not going to head out in the weather until later this afternoon.  I've started the laundry and my latte is delicious.  Soon, I'm going to have a shower, and watch some lectures online until my afternoon begins.  

Life is so good.  I am so safe.  I feel love in my tummy, in my heart, in my toes.  
This is my life. 
And, I adore it.  

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