Wednesday, March 10, 2010

my 100th post!

this is sort of a big deal....
Danielle over at Sometimes Sweet has been a big inspiration to me entering the blog world with a lot of dedication and drive.  Since mid-December I've been blogging near daily.  I have a huge sense of accomplishment at this feat!  For a long time, I'd read Danielle's blog, and admire her dedication at putting her life so out there for the world to see...I decided I wanted to have another avenue to express myself that wasn't facebook. (That's a whole other story--the light clicked for me regarding facebook in December; I had become somewhat addicted to internet socializing and blech....I wanted an avenue that focused on me.  Not on everyone else.)  Hence my new found love of blogging!

Today's a busy day ahead.  I start my Psych Clinical at Pia's Place, a women's treatment facility in Prescott.  I am thrilled to be at this site, and excited for what I'm going to learn the next few weeks.  I work tonight with some kiddos that greet me at their door with loud screams and laughs.

The Reminder From God today hit it:
Experience My Loving Presence in every fiber of your being. Joy, Joy, Joy
I'm excited to experience God in every fiber of my being today.

Thanks for reading.  This blog thing has been so huge; I realized a few weeks ago I wasn't writing to a certain audience but just writing to get these thoughts out.  So, thanks for staying and reading.  One hundred! Pretty cool!

Happy Day.


Jill said...

100 Posts! Awesome stuff girlie! :o) LOVE reading your writing. Miss you! xoxo

She answers to Layla said...

You're so great.
I LOVE that we're friends after all these millions of years.

Danielle said...

Yay 100!

And I'm flattered I could have any part in inspiring you! It's so funny because YOU inspire ME!


Love to you, girl.