Monday, July 26, 2010

the steps of the journey.

This is post is very image-heavy! 
(and to see them larger, just click on them.) 

I think total I've logged around 50 miles in Switzerland. FIFTY MILES!!! 
Of course, I must quote Edward Abbey in this post...I mean, come on!! How can I talk about hiking and not mention the words of Cactus Ed?!?!?
The longest journey begins with a single step, not with a turn of the ignition key.  That's the best thing about a walking, the journey itself.  It doesn't much matter whether you get where your going or not.  You'll get there anyway.  Every good hike brings you eventually back home.  Right were you started.
Last year, I didn't do a whole lot of solo hiking or adventuring on my own.  A lot of the activity we did was as a family and it was amazing and wonderful!  JJ and I spoke about this summer, and when I first arrived I was certain, CERTAIN!, I felt WAY more comfortable and would like to adventure on my own!  And, it's been such an amazing summer in that regard!  The opportunities have been phenomenal....Oh, Gratitude Flows with the hiking and moving of my body...the steps of my journey...and as I approach the next week, I begin the journey home.  

Here's a photo post of the hiking experiences I've been privy to this Summer...
Bryndli Peak!! Matt Brown and I ventured out for a day hike Sunday June 30.  I was drawn to this peak and its stark, dramatic landscape and Matt offered to be my own private guide.  It was a great way to get my body movin' after my arrival! 

Wild Flowers!!!

Posin' in the Alps. 


Feeling Pretty on top of the World.  

Zen Cows. 

Blissed Layla 
On July 8, we took a family hike in Zermatt to Zum See. I attempt to summit zee Matterhorn. 

Zermatt Navigation

Layla as Vanna White

The first time I've had a Panache (beer & 7up!) as a refreshment after a long hike!  Such a sweet treat!

More Blissed Layla

Hiking in Waist High Wild Flowers

Buried in flowers, love this!

On July 9, JJ & I went to Riffelberg above Zermatt to hike to the glacier and the lakes..We hiked at 10,000 feet....This is me silly with the goofy Swiss Cow. 

the Matterhorn & God. 

Sweaty Layla and the Matterhorn. 

More Summiting of the Matterhorn. (it never really got old.)

JJ & Layla among the many, many Japanese tourists. 

Layla & the Matterhorn, resting. 

Blissed out Hike Love. 

Glacier Love. 

Glacier Silliness

Layla & JJ

Dueling Peaks. 

We finished with a panache in Zermatt.  5dl of deliciousness. 

There is a magic to sharing this place with a trusted and sweet friend.  What a great adventure!!


On July 13, JJ and I did an overnight hike to Alpiglen.  This was at Stalden, where we had a snack: cherries and almonds. Swiss cherries taste just like cherry pie filling. They're so sweet and delicious!

This is Biglenalp, where we had lunch...We had view of that waterfall for most of our hike, and it was so big and so awesome.....


Sweet JJ, on a super rocky path en route to Kleine Sheidegg. 

Me, with a giant alligator head rock formation in the background. 

Super Sweaty on our arrival to Kleine Sheidegg.  Man, that was one long hard push to get there!!
Clouds filling the North Face of the Eiger. 

We did it, We did it, We did it, HURRAY!!!
Navigating the morning of July 14. Check out the sunrise over the valley!!  We decided NOT to do Eiger Glacier trail....We're tough, but not CRAZY. :) 

Layla, posing by the glacier water fall

JJ showing you what amazing snow melt we had--on July 14!!!

Filling my water bottle with fresh glacier snow melt. YES PLEASE! 

Incredibly Hiking Buds! 

JJ crossing an enormous ice field, which until we found out from Troy, we were certain we were crossing a glacier.  No, just an ice field.  Crazy scary just the same!

I'm vertical.  The slope of the ice field is nearly, too. SCARY!
I was grinning like a fool!! This is inside Trummelbach falls in Lauterbrunnen on July 20.  The rush of the water, 10m HIGH! Swirling and raging at such force the entire structure to look at the waterfalls hummed and vibrated.  It was chilly and the water was majestic.  It is a magical place!
This is looking down one of the falls.  Ohmygosh, amazing. My literal prayer in my head, "God, thank you for hydrostatic bonds and hydrogen molecules and oxygen molecules and how powerful they are together."  I'm TOTALLY A DORK. 
On the way to Obersteinberg. 
Navigating to Obersteinberg. 
So, I found these blueberry bushes and ate about ten or so wild blueberries and they were so so so so so good.
Then, I came across this scat filled with blueberries. It made me giggle that the wildlife was enjoying them as much as I did. 
I was cracking myself up sooooo much about taking a picture of poo!!! You know you're a nurse, when......
The waterfall on the way to Obersteinberg.  That peak is Breithorn. 
Sweaty on the way...Such a great, great hike!
Me, Obersteinberg Bench, Waterfall.  It's a bombshell kind of life. 

The trail leaving Obersteinberg on July 21.  So small and so powerful and such a huge fall down, if I had tripped or misstepped...Instead, I put one foot in front of the other, and trusted the outcome to God.  It was a Spiritual Experience. 

Me, on top of Tenzbodali.  I made it.  It was frighteningly scary, and it was so gorgeous on top of this flat dance floor.  My only regret is I didn't spin and dance.  (I was too afraid!)
What I climbed to get to the top of Tenzbodali.

What Tenzbodali looks like---the dance floor and the shark fin
From further away..I was on TOP of that flat part...the dance floor.  I ate my lunch, cherries, almonds, peanut butter and jelly and a square of dark chocolate, drank a liter of water, and watched the world.  It was bliss. 

Almost to Gimmelwald.  I am a powerhouse of Hiking Love, Intentional Movement and Grateful Glory.  

Thank you, God, Hainsies and all involved for this amazing experience.  I return home in a few weeks time a changed person, remembering that 'every good hike leads me home.'  

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