Sunday, May 02, 2010


When I order take away food, I expect it to agree with my body.  I trust the establishments I frequent to make delicious vegan food for my meal!  Last night, not so successful.

I ordered from the Indian food restaurant in town, and when I walked into the lounge to pick up my food I was greeted with a boisterous 'hello Layla!' from sweet Kate & Sean.  I sat with them and enjoyed a brew or two while we talked about life...glorious life choices.

They are so insanely supportive and loving, this couple.

I opened up the take away container and enjoyed my vegetable pakora while we sat and visited.

We talked about Nate.  Sean said on more than one occasion to 'follow love.'  (I haven't blogged consistently in a long time because I feel sort of lost as to what to talk about.  I have some major life decisions ahead of me, and I enjoy blogging so much--as a way to sort out my thoughts!--and with these major decisions I just don't know exactly how much to disclose.  I will just say I want it all--no surprise there!--and my future involves Switzerland, passing boards and working as a Registered Nurse, and Nate in San Diego.)

Sean and Kate are a couple I really look up to---they've been together through their respective 20's. A feat I find miraculous as my 20s were so rocky, so up and down, that to find my life partner then, despite how hard I tried!, just doesn't seem possible!!  Kate & Sean have been together 14 years!  It is awesome to be around a couple that knows each other so well, respects one another, and adventures together.  They are also phenomenal parents.

So, last night, I was privy to an impromptu hang out sesh with sweet Kate and her hubs Sean and we talked...They treated me to a tasty Bass Ale and they bought my take away!!  How sweet is that?!?

After our fun sesh, I headed to the house I'm dogsitting at and opened up my take away to chow on some delicious alo chole and sag alo (without cream, please).  Well.....good grief!  The alo chole was not that at all...not a chickpea in sight!  It looked more like lamb madras.  Ewwww... :) So, I called the restaurant and told the owner the mishap!

Oh Gil.  What a rascal you are.  He said, well, is there any way you can come back and I can see what you got?  I said, no.  I'm home now.  He said, can you freeze it and then next time you come in, bring it and I'll make it right for you?  I believe you.

I laughed. Okay, Gil.  I'll freeze this lamb monstrosity.

I made a small bowl of rice with sag alo and ate it.  It was delicious!

When I finished my tummy was grumbly and not so happy.  I thought, hmmmm....That's weird.  Maybe it was the beer??? (I don't drink that often and two beers is definitely my limit, which is what I had last night.)  So, I put on World Cafe on my local KNAU npr station, washed my face, brushed my teeth and settled into bed.

At 1130p I woke to a most upset tummy.  I was sicksicksick....

I was able to get back to sleep, thank goodness but woke at 0500 to more sickness and then up for good at 0700 with an achy tummy and listlessness.
So, my thought--my yummy take away dinner was not so vegan or full of bacteria that my tummy needed to rid itself of....(or perhaps both?!?)

I'm bummed because today was jampacked full of really fun amazing things.
Number one, I was headed to the meeting at 0730.  I need to get to more meetings.
Number two, I was going to participate in a Sentient Rhythms Dance Class today at 1030 with sweet Leta.
Number three, I was headed to a wonderful tea at sweet mama Amber's house to celebrate fellowship with some fantastic, inspiring women.

Now, I'm on the couch, drinking lots of water, and thankfully, able to keep down half a bagel.
Feeling a little listless.

I threw away the take away food.  Even the frozen lamb madras.  Gil, if your food is going to make me sick, I don't want more of it.

So, that's it.  That's an update of my past 18 hours.  On the travel channel they're recapping Hawai'i's top 10 beaches.  I want to go to the beach. (Says the girl who was on the beach just a short week ago.)  Go Figure.

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