Thursday, May 06, 2010

i did it!

What a non-mommy looks like after a most mommy night with a six-month old.  Honestly, she did GREAT.  Up a lot, too many times to count, but with some comfort and readjusting of the pacifier sweet babe fell right back to sleep.  She woke up at 0630 starved and ready to eat, and now, it's 0730 and she's asleep!  Oh, the life!!

I'm tired, but with the latte I've made, waking up nicely.  If sweet babe stays asleep, I'm hoping to get some yoga in; if not, then, we play.

Here's my wonder:  how do breastfeeding moms stay awake without the glorious goodness that is the caffeine jolt in the morning?!?

It's this kind of wondering that makes me curious: is bringing life into the world more important than coffee?!?!
(please know, i'm sort of kidding. Sort of. :)
Thank you, Delicious Soy Latte.


Danielle said...

I never drink caffeine but people tell me I will want to start once the baby comes! I wonder!

haha. You look lovely, by the way. Fresh faced and ready for the day! :D

She answers to Layla said...

you're so sweet!!!
i think it's to your benefit you don't have the caffeine addiction.
(i admit it, i'm full on addicted! :)

i just LOVE coffee.....all things about it!

baby was really good...she played while i did Kundalini Yoga. I'm feeling like a million bucks!