Wednesday, May 05, 2010


There are things I'm blessed to do that prepare me for life to come.  It's really surreal and phenomenal.

This week begins a pretty long shift with a little babe.

It started this morning and I was nervous and so far, so good!  Granted, I haven't done the 'night' thing yet, and I am a little nervous--is she going to be up all night long??? Will I sleep like crud and not be functional tomorrow??  I'm not sure!  But, so far, this mommy business is pretty awesome.  The babe is darling, sweet, and easy to read and take care of.  No miscommunication here!  She behaves differently when she's hungry, tired, and looking for interaction....I like that I've been blessed with the talent and gift to know and understand babies so well.

I am so blessed.

Does this work tug at my heartstrings and make me desire one of my own??
Ohmygoodness, yes.

I haven't done the 'overnight' bit yet, though, so that might change.  :)

I am just really, really blessed.

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