Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Now I'm drunk on Abraham and tired of idols.

Buy Me From My Words 
by Rumi
Before now I wanted
to be paid for what I said,
but now I need you
to buy me from my words.
The idols I used to carve
charmed everyone. Now I'm drunk
on Abraham and tired of idols.
An idol with no color or scent
ended my whole career.
Find someone else for the job.
A happy madman without a thought,
I have swept the shop clean.
If something enters my mind,
I say, "Leave. You're a distraction."
Whatever is coarse and heavy, I destroy.
Who should be with Layla?
Someone who can be Majnun.
The man holding up this waving flag
actually belongs to the other side.

I adore that my name is part of Persian Poetry and I am mentioned in Rumi.  (I realize it's not really me but it is something sweet to be reading lovely Rumi in the cool breeze of a San Diego morning and see that there are others out there wondering who should be with me.)

I arrived yesterday afternoon.  Oh my gosh.  Maybe because the last time I flew it was three flights a third the way across the world after a cable car ride and four trains but the flight from Phoenix to San Diego was deliciously easy.  I made it through security in about a minute and a half.  So easy...

I've been to San Diego a bunch--it was the vacation place when I was little..I may be exaggerating but I know we summered in San Diego on at least four different occasions.  Maybe more??  I'm so grateful for all those holidays and beach excursions my mom took me on...I've always loved the beach.  I love the sand, the seaweed, the smells.  I adore it!  And to think!! Now, I'm dating a man that lives fifteen minutes from my childhood jaunts!  CRAZY!  

I don't think I've ever flown into the SD airport; when I was little, we always drove--Nate was handsome in his cute teacher outfit, picking me up with a big hug and a kiss.  He treated me to a coffee and off we went!  I am spoiled with my travel adventures, having been to Hawaii loads and Seattle in 2009.  As we were driving in the big city that is San Diego I was impressed with how much I lovelove sea port towns!  It is so green and lush here!  

For dinner, we went to this AMAZING Mexican food place.  It's totally my new favorite restaurant.  Ranchos Cocina specializing in Vegan and Vegetarian Mexican Food.  Can you say I was in heaven?  Um, cause I was.  I had the most amazing enchilada plate:  a blue corn avocado enchilada covered in green sauce, a mole enchilada with I don't even know what was in it but it was delicious, and then, a shiitake and eggplant filled enchilada with a delicious red sauce.  To score, the salsa was amazing, the pinto beans and brown rice were awesome, and ohmygosh! What a great meal!!!  Nate was the big winner taking me to my first SD meal at such an awesome place...To boot, the prices were awesome!  

After our fantastic meal, we headed to the markets--Trader Joe's and Henry's for good food for the week and lots of veggies and fruit.  Nate's a sweet little bachelor with an empty fridge, and I know how I am when it comes to food. (Must.Have.Good.Food.Choices.)  So, we're now set up in his darling home.  

He's working this week, his regular school hours, and this morning, I woke up with him--we had awesome americano's together and breakfast and laughed at npr and showered and did the morning thing.  It was incredible.  It is awesome to be in his life.  He's come to mine now three times, and it's awesome to share my life with him.  I am adoring being on the flip side of the long distance relationship and seeing what life in Nate's world is like.  

I went with Nate to his school this morning, dropped him off and drove back to his home to hang out and enjoy my holiday...I am so thrilled to be on holiday.  I was nervous driving, and once I figured out the little button for reverse, Nate drives a manual Nissan Versa, I got the hang of thing quite well.  San Diego is big city style.  And, my little small town girl, never go above 35 mph in Prescott self was a bit nervous.  

I made it safely, tho'.  

There's a meeting at 1p I'm going to venture out to and then, I'm going to see if I can find Mission Beach and walk around in the sand until I'm to pick sweet Nate up at 4ish.  

It's a beautiful Wednesday, and I'm so happy. 

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Charlsie said...

I am so jealous! I would love to be at the beach right now! But you have definitely earned the break! Enjoy it... and have fun with Nate! :)