Saturday, December 26, 2009

Happy Christmas!!!

I'm definitely super sleepy but wanted to post some fun pictures of tonight....The first few are me showing off my newest addition to the flower collection---a sweet black flower with feather accents.  With my dark hair and the black outfit, it's hard to see, but I love it so much and it was a sweet gift from my friend Becky.  
The light from the bathroom left me all aglow! I'm happy though. It really was a terrific Christmas!

Sleepy Smiley Girl.  And, loving the new flower.....I believe I have the entire collection of colors for my hair....I love it!

And, finally, the last shot of the evening....Alison and Me...hamming it up in the kitchen.  I've now spent three Christmases over at the Smith/Norris house, and love it.  They welcome me every year with open arms, even though we don't see each other during the year; I feel at  home in their lovely house, and enjoy my time there so much.  Tonight was a lot of fun.  I brought over Vegan Spinach Artichoke Pie, recipe here, (Thank you Susan V.!) and also some amazing Fig Bars.....recipe here; they turned out AMAZING....After dinner, we watched Julie & Julia and ohmygoodness! I loved it.  Meryl Streep is a gem--pure gold really...and Amy Adams is delightful.  What a great movie!!!

Dinner was delicious and hanging out with Alison and her family is always a treat.   She and I are friends through a very hilarious and most wonderfully odd story----involving an ex-boyfriend, whom we got to hang out with tonight, as well! It's a delight to have a strong female friend with whom to laugh and be silly....I enjoy her dearly.

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All in all a really terrific day! It started out with loads of gratitude...Showered with gifts from friends and family.  I was called over to Leta's house around 9.30 for hugs, kisses and gift giving...a wonderful treat! I led the noon meeting, and it was soooo amazing.  More on that tomorrow---tomorrow's my big 3rd Al-Anon Birthday which is so exciting and amazing.  I have a lot to share on the subject because today's meeting was just very, very special in that regard.

After the meeting I saw Up In The Air, and I really enjoyed it.  It was heavy in the 'what's the point of relationship' department, which I found fascinating given my past few weeks of thinking and processing....

I headed over to Alison's after the movie and got home around 12.30a.  What a long day! I feel so blessed for such a truly terrific Christmas.  There is a lot of stigma about spending the holiday 'alone.'  And, although I didn't have a partner this year I did not once feel alone.  I felt full, serene and at peace.  I was intentional in how I spent my time this year and I really enjoyed it.  I was of service, which was so rewarding.  I made great food, baked and ate well.  I gave gifts that were meaningful to me.  I showered myself in Gratitude, and was basked in the glow of gratitude as well.

I go to sleep this night with so much joy...And, really, I can honestly say, I don't know that in my adult years I've had a Christmas this meaningful, rewarding and special.

I can truly go to sleep tonight with a heart full of prayers to how great God is--God truly did for me this Season what I could never do for myself, and I am so blessed.

Good night!


Danielle said...

I'm glad you had such a fabulous time, you deserve it! I love the hair clip- you look gorgeous!


Layla G said...

thanks, danielle!!!!