Monday, June 30, 2008

movies movies movies part one. **itty bitty spoiler alert!**

Let's start with last month, shall we??

Ahhhh....the ladies of Sex & The City! Oh how I love them!!! The movie was RIDICULOUSLY long....but it needed to be to tie together all those loose ends and make everyone happy in the end. Having been engaged for sooooo long, the movie ignited memories of Macallie & My's engagement and how fun fun fun being engaged really is.... There were some HILARIOUS moments in the movie, and I loved Carrie's depression (sorry for the spoiler!!) in a very honest, oh, yes, that is how it really is!! Feel Good Movie....
And how much do I LOVE netflix??!? OH....i love it soooo!
I'm Not There.
I watched it in phases...half one night and the other half after some pretty intense self work and was soooo impressed by this wonderful message:
"All I can do is be me...whoever that is"
Bob Dylan is amazing. And, this movie really really really is equal parts fiction & reality and I loved it. I'm going to own this movie AND this soundtrack. The My Morning Jacket performance in the film is BEYOND AMAZING....I can't do it justice with words.
so I will do it justice with this picture. him.
Back to the theatre for this one:
I don't really know what Happened. And it's called The Happening. That is all I'll say about this one.
More netflix love:

I love this show. It makes me high without having to smoke, thank goodness. Anything this crazy and insane has to be a show about drugs. And I think Mary Louise Parker is milk and honey and gorgeousness all over my face. Love her.
Natalie Portman as a bad girl. Loved it. Macallie and I watched this together, and he actually like it! First time in a long time that we watched a movie together that he liked! it was a good film, well done. The precursor to Elizabeth on all counts....
So that's it....School starts in one week, so I don't know how much writing I'll get to have time to do, but hoping I will still make it a priority. I love entertainment, and how much what I'm watching really does influence me...I feel really blessed to have insight and to see things in a different way.
God is Good.
And Awesome and Fun and Cool....


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