Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Reminders From God (part one)

My igoogle page has this gadget called "Reminders from God." Every day it changes and it coincides with readings from God Calling by the Two Listeners. Each day the readings are really powerful and enlightening. Today's was most poingnant:

"Rest more with Me. Alone, away from noise and activity, from these times you come forth filled with Spirit."

Today was a big day. I had the option to work and chose not to. It was more important I have a day filled with ME. A day for ME. It's been a while since I had the opportunity to just sit and do things that are important to my calm, my quiet, my serene state of mind, and today proved to be one of those days.

When I opened my home page and saw the listeners telling me God found my quiet day admirable I was immediately validated.

It is amazing when I open myself to validation from God how quickly it comes...how willingness and reception are directly proportional.

I am very lucky. I am very blessed.
I am grateful and excited about listening to what my Higher Power says.


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