Tuesday, July 01, 2008

awake at night with vampires and werewolves...

I did it.

Finished the Second Book of the Twilight series in record time...

New Moon


Stephenie Meyer

I read the reviews of this book before I cracked it open and was apprehensive I wasn't going to be as pleased as I was with Twilight. False. This book was better than the first. That's right, folks. And there wasn't even any boinking! So much hand holding, so much looking with longing....far too much 'ohmygod, I'm going to die without him' talk, but you know what? This book is great!

I loved Bella's struggle. I loved how much I related to it. I loved the difference between Jacob & Edward. The hot and the cold. The difference in the creatures they become. The bond of family. The strength of love. There is such a creativity to this story, and it is exciting. I am so thrilled I have two more books left!!

I have the third, on my bookshelf waiting to be read. I also have seven chapters of Nursing Assistant text book to be read as well. So....Eclipse is going to wait.


Tell me what you think.


on a weather note...it rained today. Our third day (inconsecutive) of summer monsoon rain. I turned off the a/c in the house, opened the windows and let the air and rain and the thunder and the cool come right on in. I'm sticky as all hell right now. it sort of stopped raining so now it's 93% humid and man....ewwww. but i love it.

i love arizona. i love the summer here. (it's been a ridiculously mild summer to those of the past...OR...maybe i'm blissed out b/c the new house has central air...) whatever the case, this summer desert rain has been amazing, and i'm so thrilled to have today to enjoy it.


had my first panic attack in probably eight months yesterday. i feel sort of hungover from it. i'm VERY glad I don't work today, and I'm very thankful I could sleep off the clonopin and relax and read and get back into my own skin. I didn't go to a meeting today, intentionally. I am afraid of what that means, but also know the idea of going was very adverse...so I went with it. I struggle with what that means, exactly. But...I get to do the best I can, even if I think I can do better; I get to understand that my best sometimes looks worse than I think it should and that gets to be okay.


growth is hard. but reading is fun. Go get the Twilight series!


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Sara said...

Layla! I just read your blog and I just loved it! It's so very "you" and made me miss you. :) I'm so impressed with all the reading you've done, and kinda jealous! I wish I had more time to read - when I do, it's usually an US Weekly. You know how I love my pop culture. Anyways, thanks for Gracie's birthday text! Talk about one of God's glorious creations - I just love her to pieces.

I'll keep reading your blog. Looking forward to the next update...Love, Sara