Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Books Books Books....I Can't Stop!!!

Blubber by Judy Blume

After moving, Macallie was 'in charge' of unpacking my book shelf. I had no idea how anal or controlling I was about how my book shelf looked!! He did it all wrong!! At the same time, I was given an assignment to let Macallie decorate the house as he sees fit and not try to control his way of doing things. Okay. Fine.

The book shelf has stayed the same way since April 3rd. I am grateful he had the time to unpack my books, as with school I did not. I am grateful for him in my life. In so many fabulous and surprising ways. I am going to marry him and I feel very happy about this knowledge and awareness of his role in my life, my role in his.

So...why Blubber?

Well....the way he unpacked my books brought this book to the forefront, and I remember really liking it when I was 8 or 9. So, a quick re-read.


It's a perfect book for fifth graders.

28-year-old sixteenth graders?


Let's see...

Do I act out of fear to save myself, or at least my perception of myself? Do I judge others based on appearance? Do I want everyone to like me and not make fun of me? Do I act self-centeredly to prevent any feeling of discomfort or inadequacy?

And the answer? Yes. I do those things. Just like the ten-year old fifth graders in the story.

I guess I didn't realize the higher points of the story until right now, and I'm really glad I read it again. I believe God puts the right books in my life at the right time, and God also provides the time for me to read these books.

I am so grateful.

happy summer day....

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The Family Beckwith said...

Is this for real? I love your writing, Lily (tee hee)! I don't walways know how to respond, but I love to read it. I can hear you saying it. I miss my friends! Also, you owe me an email!

Love ya!