Tuesday, June 08, 2010

Summer Time Thoughts....

Hello Summer!
It's not technically Summer--that beautiful, long, sun-filled Solstice day has not reached us yet, but man, it feeeeeeels like Summer.  

I got home yesterday from San Diego where I spent a few days with my sweet at the beach, ruling at Bocce ball, learning Backgammon, losing at Monopoly and getting ready for my big Summer getaway.  

I'm officially going to capitalize Summer every time I write it.  It feels appropriate.  

So, I leave in 12 days for Houston.  I spend two days there, then we all get packed up and ready for the trip to Switzerland.  I am so excited and nervous and a little anxious, too.  I feel like my life is in this huge transition space and I'm overwhelmed a little bit and uncertain a lot and reminded today (Thanks, Mom!) that I need to take a deep breath, be grateful for this moment and do what's in front of me to do.  

Right now, it's enjoy my air conditioned apartment, eat some amazing Trader Joe's animal crackers (aren't they really cookies, anyway?) and begin my relationship with blogging. 

I've been away---life has been busy and I want to catch up my blog with life.  I will do that soon.  Not now. Now, I'm going to have a rest before I'm due to be spot on for a sweet little guy at 5p.  

Happy Summer, All. 

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Charlsie said...

Ive got to work on my blog relationship too. I miss it!!! I plan to post today. :) And I hope you have an AWESOME time in Switzerland! I'm super jealous!!! haha. Cant wait to see all your pics! :)