Friday, May 08, 2009

just about forever...

since i've last written. i've been motivated again by this gorgeous, inspiring woman i know who blogs daily. it's so awesome!! how does she have the diligence and discipline to do it?? i don't know why i want to be that diligent and disciplined?? i think it speaks to me in a lot of ways because i've longed to be the type of person who did something consistently every day. and, i've just never been that type of person. so, in my resolve to get through this next week, i'm going to give myself some worth, and see for myself the things i do on a daily basis, some things i can be proud blogging is not one of them...yet.

1. i pray daily. it never seems to look how i think it 'should,' but i do pray each and every day.
2.i brush my teeth daily. sometimes three or even four times.
3. i also do my best to look becomingly. i brush my hair and make sure last night's mascara isn't streaming down my face. i'm even known to shower and make sure i'm smellin' a-o-k.
4. i read every day. this also doesn't exactly look as it 'should' but again, the shoulds get me in trouble. i can honestly say i read something every day that inspires me, be it a nursing text, a novel or one of the many daily readers i have. i read and i like that.
5. i'm good to myself. i eat well. i'm conscious about my food choices and i strive to make healthy, organic meals for my body.
6. on that note, i am growing smoothly into my third decade as i look in the mirror and am happy with what i see. i might have to look at different parts on a funky day, and be grateful and happy for those parts, but really, on a daily basis, i'm loving me.
7. i love my job. i don't work every day, so maybe this doesn't fall in the 'right' category, but i'm very grateful on the days i do work. i am heading to work with joy in my heart; i get paid to do something i love and something at which i'm naturally talented.
8. every single day i pray the serenity prayer. i know i already mentioned prayer, but this prayer is special and specific to me in that when i'm praying it, it shows me i'm working my program. i'm consciously seeking contact with a great, big, huge force in my life, and i'm beyond words with gratitude for this.
9. i'm loving to my cat and my roommate. i share space with some really great energy and i'm so grateful for this--that my roommate is so awesome and my little girl, Sonja, is just as great.
10. and well, this is something i'm super proud of, i'm an optimist. on a daily basis, i can look at the positive in my life and be grateful for what i have going for me. a lot of times this takes a little bit of work--especially when the hormones kick in and i'm frustrated, irritated, angry about something--but at the core i can remember that in any moment i'm okay and i have loads to be grateful for.

wow. that feels good. and i'll remember these things too: One Day At A Time and Keep It Simple. just thinking and saying those phrases infuses calm into my essence.

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