Sunday, May 10, 2009

anniversaries and migraines.

i moved to prescott eight years ago today. i had high hopes for how i would be spending this day---my last final is tomorrow and i wanted to get a lot of good studying done, then spend the evening with my al-anon family in meeting, and enjoy the night.

oh, my little plans and designs. the migraine started at about 7:20 this morning....i was truckin' through, and even managed to participate in a study sesh this morning til 11:00. many excedrin and ibuprofen later, i'm still fuzzy headed and feeling like i completely misused this day.

the shoulds have hit me hard. i am faulting myself for getting this migraine, and lamenting my anniversary, that i didn't spend it in a proper fashion....

mind you there are some positives: i had an amazing weekend work-wise. friday, i got to spend a couple hours on the square with Sidney, our story to follow soon, a night dancin' with Leta to Wordthieves spinning some amazing music at Raven, and an all dayer outside in the glorious prescott springtime sun yesterday. so, really, i did well in celebrating my eight years thus far in prescott. i didn't get the loads of studying in that i was hoping for, but during my review session realized i feel pretty okay about this final, and there is always tomorrow...

it is fitting that i got a migraine today. really because i was plagued by them soooo often and so tremendously before july 2007--and this is pretty amazing, but today's migraine is the first major one i've had in 2009. such a feat! and a testament that there are definitely some good things goin' right.

i am just really grateful to be here where i am, learning the lessons that have brought me this far and continuing to enjoy the journey. migraine and all.

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mike & hilary said...

well put! Glad you had a seemingly good day besides. I know you know I know how the whole migraine thing can ruin your day. I had my first big one of 2009 a couple weeks ago. So bad, in fact, I had to call into work, for at least the morning. Bleh!

Glad you get a summer break! Have fun!