Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Insights from a Three Year Old

While running an errand today, a brilliant little girl was with me. We went to Yavapai College's Library to see if a book was available that I had placed on hold. I explained this library is for college kids and adults and the library we just came from is for kids, that we still need to use our library voices and once we leave we can run around and be crazy and loud.

We walked in and she said, "It's strange in here."
I look at her and said, "Yeah, it is kind of, huh?"
"Yeah, but it smells like a swimming pool." She replied.

I laughed. It's very hard not to laugh when I'm around this girl. She's hilarious.

The book hadn't arrived at the library yet so we left.

She looked at me as we were leaving and said, "Can we be crazy and loud now?"

I love my job.

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