Sunday, April 18, 2010

highlights and lowlights.

Courage doesn't always roar.  Sometimes courage is the quiet voice at the end of the day saying, "I will try again tomorrow."  --Mary Anne Radmacher

Hello Blog World!!

It sure has been a long time!! 21 long days to be exact!

I bet you thought I disappeared, or vanished into the oblivion that is finishing Nursing School.  Well, if you thought the latter, you're right.  I did not disappear, though.  Thank goodness.

I figured since it's been so long since I've written I'll go ahead and do a recap of the past three weeks.  How's that sound?

The week of March 29:

I was hit pretty hard with the sniffly, itchy eyes, scratchy throat, snotty fountain of a nose allergies.  It was fierce!  I had tissues in hand and a Ricola in my mouth most of the time.  I think I only started getting relief a week ago---crazy allergy season in the beautiful Arizona Spring.

I was struggling with pretty frequent migraines, too.  I have really had much better migraine control since I started eating a vegan diet in 2008--it's been a God Gift, really.  I had a migraine Mar 29 & Mar 30.  Big yuck.  I took my neuro exam on the 29th--the awesome Monday my instructor consented to, and I rocked it!  Even with a migraine!!

Nate came for a visit April 2--his spring break began and I got to have lots and lots of Nate time.  What a gift!  We had such an awesome visit--lots of dates.  I think we fit in a month's worth of dating into this entire week.  Saw a few movies:  he hadn't seen Away We Go yet so we enjoyed that together and same with Fantastic Mr. Fox.  Really great films!  We saw Date Night at the theatre, too, and that was so fun.

Nate and I spent a month apart.  We both agreed we don't want to do a month again--it's too long to spend that much time away from each other.  I do marvel at how well we do this long distance thing.  I think it helps we both are so busy and have our own lives.  We also communicate fantastically well, and often.  I think being honest and open, which both of us are, really helps us grow in knowing each other.

The week of April 5:
This week was the big week academically--aside from finishing my Psych paper, I finished up my academics for Nursing School.

On April 5, I finished up my Psych Clinical rotations, and it was really, really lovely.  I felt welcomed and appreciated by the women and it was such a great experience.
On April 6, I took my psych final, got an 88--VERY close to getting an A--just need to get an A on my paper, which I will, and then BAMMO!
On April 7, I took my HESI exam (stands for Health Education Systems, Inc) and it's a great little tool our school uses to see how we'll do on NCLEX (the National Council Licensure Examination---it's how I become an RN, by passing NCLEX).  Yavapai College and HESI say that if you get above a 900 on HESI you can feel confident to pass NCLEX the first try--My goal was to get at least a 900....And....

I got a 966!

I was sooo thrilled!!  Extra points were awarded for those that scored over 1000, and sure, it would have been awesome to have hit that high mark, but really?? I was so happy with my score.

April 7 was also my last shift in the Family Birthing Center.  It was a pretty quiet night, and I was very sad to be leaving.  And, as luck would have it...At 1220a as I was walking out a patient's room, I got that ohmygod dizzy head spinning feeling, nearly fell over, and felt that impending doom that is the Migraine.  I left shortly afterward--headed home to sweet Nate to take amazing care of me.  Ohmygosh.  It was an AWFUL migraine. My words wouldn't form, my hand and lips went numb.  The works.  It was CRUMMY.

Thankfully---oh, thank you God, I didn't wake with the headache Thursday morning.  I spent the day studying for my last final of nursing school.  Wahoooooooo!!!  I took the final at 5p and when I walked out, I thought, you know, I probably got an 85....felt really good about it...(I needed at least an 85 to keep my A in the class--)  Ended up, with ParScore analysis, which is a gift to all nursing students, I got a 93 on my final.


(Once that darn Psych paper is in and I get an A on it..)


This news makes me feel like this:
and like this:

The night of April 8 I invited my girlfriends and sweet Nate out to Raven Cafe to eat a delicious dinner (oh goodness, their new menus is AMAZING.)  I felt a huge surge of funk and crazy that night---I don't know.  It was trippy....I've been waiting for April 8 the entire semester, knowing this would be the day I was done with school.  Now, it was here.

It was a weird feeling.

I was showered with love and congratulations.  It was sooooo lovely.

Honestly, though, I felt I was walking in a daze.  It was an interesting night.

Leta, Nate and I headed over to Annie's Attic to dance to sweet DJ Wordthieves Magic Spins.  It was an okay time.  There was a person on the dance floor that my gut was screaming at me to leave--to not have anything to do with this person, even if it meant I didn't get to dance...

I didn't listen to my gut voice.

I will now.
I don't know if I will elaborate on this anymore but I will just say I learned a very valuable lesson that night.  I'm glad to have learned it.

I'm also very glad I have someone as strong and loving as Nate as my partner.  It has been invaluable to be building a friendship and relationship with this capable and worthy man.

The weekend ended strong with Nate and I dating like lovebirds all over this Prescott town.  We make a great couple.
faux pas! you can see my bra!  eek!!! we're still cute dancers anyway..... <3

Nate left Sunday afternoon...

The week of April 12.
I'm done with school.

Sure, there's that Psych Paper looming. But, eh...

I got back to working with my kiddos this week, and it was so lovely.  I treated myself to a massage on Monday.  Greta is AMAZING.

Tuesday I worked until 2p and then Becky and I headed to Tempe to get all awesome with Ezra and the boys of Vampire Weekend.  Here's a little snippet, thanks to all the young scenesters that felt the need to photograph and video the entire thing.  I will say, in the moment, I was totally irritated.  Now, for my blogging use, I'm totally happy!

Wednesday & Thursday I worked like crazy, and gosh, with this spring weather, and the amazing kiddos I tend, I have had the best week.

I was supposed to go to Rocky Point this weekend for a Women's Spiritual Sobriety Retreat.  And, man!  Did I need the recovery this weekend....My recovery has taken a bit of a break with school being so demanding.  I haven't gone to near the amount of meetings I usually go to and though my prayer life is remaining strong, I haven't sought the fellowship of my recovery community due to being so busy with school.

Thursday, though, I had this really strong feeling that I needed to stay in Prescott.  That I should just stay here and take care of me.

I don't really know what spurred this thought, but I prayed about it and journaled about it...and my gut was just saying STAY.  Don't go.

So, I stayed.

I am so glad I did.

I've taken such great care of myself...cleaned my house, which was in desperate need of attention.  Organized my life.  Journaled.  Ate well, and cooked well.  Spent hours outside--just being outside.  Oh, glorious.
I took a bath with lavender salts and a righteous mud mask while watching Lost Season One.
And, now we're here.

It's been three weeks since I've last blogged, and so much has happened.  I focused more on school finishing in my recap because that feels like the biggest thing--I sent out my graduation invites on Thursday.  (Very excited to scan them and get that out there for y'all to see---you know, I can invite the blog world, too!)  It's been a wild ride, this finishing of my degree but exciting, too.  

I am so glad to be home, in my own space (I didn't mention it but I housesat for Rosie for eleven days the past three weeks, wonder I wasn't really in a blogging mood...)  It's fabulous to take great care of myself and be more grounded in my spirit and self.  

I also leave for San Diego Tuesday.  
I'm headed to see Nate on his turf for six long days.  

I'm excited...

Thanks to those of you who mentioned you missed my online presence---the feedback is awesome and I value and appreciate your support!!  
Hope your weekend has been as glorious and fabulous as mine, 


Charlsie said...

Welcome back!!! Love reading about your adventures! :) AND I AM SO FREAKING PROUD OF YOU LAYLA! You stuck it out... persevered! OVERCOME! Knock that paper out and get that 4.0 you deserve sista! I owe you a round of drinks if I'm ever in Prescott! haha.

She answers to Layla said...

thank you Charlsie! xox
Thank you for all your support during this last semester..
You've been a gem!

Mike & Hilary said...

I had no idea you were so close to finishing school! That's Great! "Me" time is always good, too! Glad you got to enjoy it.