Thursday, January 01, 2009

el primero

i started out the year with a bang! the bang that is my uterus sloughing off whatever was in there for the past month...and let me tell ya, whatever it is painful getting out.
i've found myself totally irritated i'm not able to hang with my girlfriends tonight, or take myself out to a nice dinner, or get out of sweat pants. i'm in cramp hell. and it's discouraging to start the year this way.
i'm hoping there is some great lesson to be learned here...or at least a little acceptance can be derived from this misfortune.
what would i rather be doing??
seeing The Curious Case of Benjamin Button and eating popcorn.
what am i doing?
reading Loop Group by Larry McMurtry and craving mashed potatoes and chicken of some sort--probably in desperate need of protein given the horrendous amount of blood loss! oh the glorious details!!!
ha. cracking myself up at writing this because i feel resentful i'm stuck at home taking care of myself. i'd so much rather be out and about and feeling well.

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