Saturday, November 01, 2008

Thirty Years

About the number Thirty.

The Thirty Years' War, fought in Germany in the early 1600's.

Wikipedia tells me about the number thirty, and I quote, "It is the sum of the first four squares, which makes it a square pyramidal number. Adding up some subsets of its divisors (e.g., 5, 10 and 15) gives 30, hence 30 is a semiperfect number.

The atomic number of zinc is 30
(Zn is a very important element, which is really crucial when you're growing a baby and you want it to have the proper sex parts. I learned that in nutrition class).

30 is the number of tracks on The Beatles' eponymous album, usually known as The White Album

I had my birthday yesterday. And with that birthday, I entered my thirtieth year on the planet.
My mom birthed me thirty years ago. That's a long time. That's my whole life, really.
I have a lot of love and appreciation for my mom today.
And pretty grateful my dad gave good sperm parts for me to be genetically who I am.

My birthday was pretty awesome.
Very relaxing and calm and full of friendships I honor and for which I am very grateful.
Life is busy. I get to be calm today. I'm very much looking forward to the year ahead.

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