Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Reminder from God (v.4)

One thing I love about the Daily Reminder from God is putting into context and words what God would actually say to me.  Today's Daily Reminder is reminiscent of a thoughtful, loving, sweet God that is so excited about what is going to come into fruition in my life.  Even if there is delay, even if delay is part of God's plan, God is thrilled about who I am and who I am going to be.  God is thrilled with my life!  I enjoy delighting in my own life, and knowing God is just as excited about my next step as I am is so lovely, so calming, so reassuring!  Today's reminder also emphasizes how important it is I trust God--with everything.  God's plan can be my plan when I pause, take relish and behave calmly.  When I put faith into action, and trust God has my life.  God has my life in God's care!  What a gift!!

Here is today's reminder:
Love all My ways with you. Delay is not denial but my wonderful all-loving restraint. I can scarcely tolerate the delay.

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