Sunday, August 22, 2010

this is more than just a music blog...

I know it is.
I love more than just music.
I have so much to catch up in the blog world that first, i feel it appropriate to read the blogs I've been missing out on the past few weeks.
And, then I got hit with this gem. Gorilla vs. Bear has become one of my favorite blog stations on XMU on Sirius Radio and just like Aquarium Drunkard they do an amazing job of passing on some amazing tunes!!

Home by Glasser.
So perfect for where I am right now.
Exactly the song I need to hear to post again after nearly three weeks of not posting.

I am home, in Prescott, enjoying the song of the cicada and cool of the evening breeze.  I have the I'm Not There soundtrack playing and I'm enjoying quinoa with basil, sautéed mushrooms and a Dr. Praeger's veggie burger for dinner.

I've visited a spirited and lovely friend in the hospital and had an amazing day.
I'm home.

(blog note:  I promise to post more to catch up life to date. Music is always a nice segue)

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